Bredenbury Court Barns weddings
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Bredenbury Court Barns Weddings

Roz and Arjan's wedding

I had spoken with Roz and Arjan many times before their wedding, as I do with all of my couples. It's not only important for me to understand the wants and wishes of my clients, but also to get to know them as people.

One thing that Roz had mentioned to be before her wedding, was that she really enjoyed my images taken in meadows with flowers. The only problem I could see, was that in all of the areas of Bredenbury Court I had explored, I hadn't really come across an ideal location. We had a final pre-wedding meeting a few weeks before the big day, and once I'd been through all of the finer details regarding their wedding, I said my goodbyes and started the drive home. I was just leaving the venue when I looked out of my passenger window and saw what appeared to be the ideal spot. I pulled to one side, got out of the car and started having a look around, taking the occasional snap on my phone for reference. As soon as I was home I fired an email to Roz, explaining that I had found what I thought would be a good location.

On the wedding day itself, the weather had started to close in. It was getting cool and there was the ever present threat of rain in the air, as well as it being quite damp underfoot from the previous weeks of drizzle. I had to walk the bride and groom a good 300 metres to get to where I wanted to take the photo you see above - and that's where the trust element comes in, and why it's so important I get to know my clients so well before the wedding. Once in location, I knelt down to shoot through some of the yellow flowers you see to the right of the frame. Roz and Arjan are just the loveliest people, and the connection they have with each other is just perfect - I didn't need to direct them or even try and make them smile; I let them be themselves and that was all it took.

Location: Bredenbury Court Barns.

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