Cider Barn Pembridge Weddings
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Cider Barn Pembridge Weddings

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Gem and Kevin held their wedding at Whitbourne Church near Bromyard and hosted their wedding reception at the Cider Barn in Pembridge.

Whilst the Cider Barn isn't what you'd call a traditional wedding venue - the whole site consists of a single barn and small outside terrace with little to no outdoor space) it made the perfect setting for Gemma & Kevin's reception as it turned out to be the location of their very first date!

If you've not been to the Cider Barn in Pembridge and are looking for a secluded venue for a nice meal, I really recommend it - the venue provided me a three-course meal and it was honestly some of the nicest food I have ever eaten - and I eat at a lot of swanky places.

As it had been raining for most of the wedding day, and days previous, I didn't want to take the bride and groom into any nearby fields in the middle of their wedding which would mean they'd be sitting in wet clothing for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Instead, I decided to wait until the wedding reception was called to a finish at around 6pm, when the majority of the guests had left the venue. This meant the bride and groom were warm and dry for as long as possible, and their wedding guests wouldn't miss them for any amount of time during the festivities.

One of the walls of the original cider mill was painted this gorgeous red colour you can see above. The idea for the image was simple - get the bride and groom to stand in front of it and stand/act however they wished (so I could capture the most natural images) and go from there. I used a long lens and stood as far back as I could so they felt alone, and let them get on with it!

After this, we went into the orchard nearby in order to complete their collection of wedding photos with stunning results!

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Location: The Cider Barn, Pembridge.

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