The Nash At Kempsey Weddings
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb
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Nash Kempsey Weddings

Lydia and Ashley got married at Kempsey church, and had their wedding reception a short drive away at the Nash Kempsey. 

The Nash at Kempsey

The Nash is a beautiful privately owned Elizabethan wedding venue in 40 acres of stunning Worcestershire countryside. The Nash has many rooms inside, and as Ashley and Lydia got married in early March, most of the guests chose to stay inside by one of the many open fireplaces, instead of venturing out into the cold and I honestly don't blame them!

One of my favourite places to take wedding photos at the Nash is the large staircase that you see here. The large window to the side floods the staircase with natural light, making for beautiful, flattering bride portraits. I love the elegant pose that Lydia has struck here - It's a flattering angle for portraits, and shows of the dress in its entirety. The warm light you see on the walls to the side and in the background come from the interior lights of the venue, which really add to the ambience of the image. 

The Nash at Kempsey

One good thing about a wedding that's early in the season is that it gets dark early, opening up another realm of possibility when it comes to wedding photography. For this image, I used an external light at the venue combined with off camera flash in order to light the couple from behind in this dramatic photo.

Location: The Nash at Kempsey.

Keywords: Photographer-directed image (405). 1/200; f/4.0; ISO 1600; 24.0 mm.