Reportage Wedding Photography in Worcestershire.
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb
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Stanbrook Abbey Worcestershire Weddings 

Rebecca and Ryan were set to marry at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire, but both chose to get ready for their wedding at separate locations - Ryan getting ready at the couple's home, and Rebecca getting ready at her parent's house, along with her bridesmaids. 

When it came time for Rebecca to get into her wedding dress, I recommended what I say to a lot of my brides who are getting ready at home, and that's to get dressed in the living room. Usually the biggest room in the house, all that extra space makes getting into a wedding dress a lot easier, and allows your maid of honour or bridesmaids to be present to lend a helping hand at the same time. Also, getting ready in the living room usually means that there aren't stairs or narrow landings to negotiate when you're fully dressed and wearing heels!

I waited outside for Rebecca to get dressed, and when she was ready I was called back into the room. I had taken the photos I needed of the bride getting dressed, so hung back a little in order to capture some real moments as they happened, the way reportage wedding photography should be. 

The next thing on the to-do list was getting the bride into her shoes, and this was undertaken by the maid of honour. To the left of this photo, out of shot, is a large all glass conservatory that poured light into the living room, and lit the bride perfectly, with the wedding dress glowing in the indirect morning sun. 

There's little more to say about this image, as like with all good reportage wedding photos, it does the speaking for itself.

Location: Worcestershire.

1/320; f/2.8; ISO 500; 31.0 mm.