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Wedding Photographers in Bewdley

Poppy and Harry got married twice - the first time was their legal ceremony which took place during the first weekend in August, with the second wedding ceremony happening a week later. 

The bride and groom had very specific ideas for an outdoor wedding ceremony, which they pulled off in amazing fashion at Rock Village Hall - but in order to do their wedding their way, they needed to be legally married a week before.

Poppy and her bridal party had hired a luxury farmhouse bed and breakfast in order to get ready in the morning, and I was with them from the start of their preparation in the morning, right until it was time for them to leave for the wedding part 2.

For preparation photos on the mornings of weddings, I don't pose anything. I simply allow people to get on with their day and capture things as they happen. 

Photographing the bride putting her wedding garter on her leg is always a tricky photograph to get right - it could be considered quite an intimate photo, and quite often, fighting your way through layers and layers of a wedding dress and straining to reach your feet doesn't make for the best wedding photo!

Poppy used a stool at the end of the bed to rest her leg on as she pulled her garter up. Poppy's dress was very light and elegant, meaning she had no trouble in doing this iconic action on her own. The best thing for me was, behind Poppy was this huge window, which poured soft light into the room. The natural light gives the image on the whole a really delicate feel, and the image itself has such beautiful feel and look to it - this could be a posed shot, taken in a studio for a magazine.

Location: Bewdley.

Keywords: Documentary wedding photography (387). 1/320; f/2.8; ISO 500; 40.0 mm.