Wyre Forest Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Were Forest Weddings

Lora and Liam got married at their local church and had their wedding reception inside the Wyre Forest. When I say 'Were Forest' I don't mean the town district, but the actual forest! 

It might be considered a brave move to have a wedding reception hosted somewhere that's not a full time wedding reception venue and going it alone. That is what this lovely couple chose to do though, and they hired the visitor centre of Wyre Forest, a large open plan cabin that was a blank canvas for them to decorate however they wished. Lora and Liam did a truly fantastic job of dressing the reception venue, making it feel like the outside had come inside, with finished touches that really made the location feel special. The cabin itself is on a set of stilts, elevating it several feet above the ground and giving an amazing view into the forest. 

After the reception, Lora, Liam and I went for a walk through the woods. The evening sun was giving us some fantastic light, and the trees created a beautiful dappled light effect. 

We had taken several photos of the bride and groom together in a variety of really special locations, deep within the forest and showing the area, and the bride and groom off in all their splendour. 

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As we were walking between locations in the Wyre Forest, we came across this tiny opening in the tree tops that was allowing sunlight through. As Lora walked through the clearing, her dress and veil lit up as if she was stood under a spotlight. I seized the opportunity and asked her to stand right where she was as I grabbed a few frames. As she lifted her veil, the sun hit it, completely lighting it up. Not only does this image show the veil well, but the fabric of the veil in the sun has created a wrap-around lighting effect, projecting a soft light onto Lora's face, making her glow beautifully. I took this frame as she looked over to her new husband who was standing to the side at the time.

Location: Wyre Forest, Kidderminster.

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