Saint Georges Catholic Church Worcester
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

St Georges Catholic Church Worcester

Steph and Rich can be seen here making their way back down the aisle of St Georges Catholic Church in Worcester following their wedding ceremony. 

The church itself is set right in the heart of Worcester City Centre, and has been on the same spot since 1829, with the parish itself dating all the way back to 1590. 

I love the look on Steph's face as she glances at her new husband. The church lends itself well to photography, being relatively bright and roomy inside, and with a very accommodating staff including the clergy. 

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One of the things I always look to do is meet the person who is taking the service at least half an hour before it begins. I feel like wedding photographers have given the industry a bad name in the last decade, so I'm always keen to impress my professionalism upon them. A friendly word before the wedding often gets me in their good books meaning I'm able to get into a better position and therefore take better photos during the ceremony. 

It's been a joy meeting so many officiants over the last 10 years, many of whom I now know very well and am honored to call my friends. 

Location: 1 Sansome Pl, Worcester, WR1 1UG.

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