Snow Wedding
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Working in a Winter Wonderland

Actually not working for once - I was the best man at this wedding! A dear friend of mine was taking the wedding photos which was a pleasant change as it meant I could have the day off and actually enjoy the festivities. Of course I immediately went down with a cold, and had to take so many drugs to stay on my feet that I ended the day sober as judge, but we still had a great time.

The wedding was March 2023, a few hundred metres inside the Peak District National Park, and the weather was cold. There had been a significant snowfall in the days before the wedding, and at some points it looked like I might not be able to make the drive to get to the wedding venue. Lucky, the snow cleared just enough that the roads were passable, but there was still a healthy covering on the ground which made for some lovely photos... some of which I may have taken because I can't help myself (see below)

Long after I had smashed my speech and the photographer had gone home, one of my favourite things started to happen when it was dark - precipitation. Normally I'd say 'rain' because snow isn't all that common, but either way; a combination of darkness and some wet weather is always a winner for me. These shots of mine have actually become so popular that a lot of couples say 'I hope it rains on my wedding day!'

The setup for the shot was quite simple - walk into the car park, find a big open space, set a flash pointing towards the camera, and spent 15 minutes trying to convince the bride and groom that instead of dancing with their friends and family, they should instead come and stand outside for 5 minutes in the biting cold and snow. But it was TOTALLY worth while. Shout out to the bar staff who helped get the bride and groom outside, holding umbrellas for them and getting themselves soaked and frozen in the process!

Location: Derbyshire.

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