St Bartholomew's Church Stourport
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester Documentary Wedding Photographer

Lora and Liam got married at St Bartholomew's Church Stourport. 

I had spent all morning with Lora and her bridal party for their bridal preparations which took place at her parents home, and the mood was largely relaxed and quite fun at times!

As per usual, as soon as Lora was in her stunning wedding dress, I left her parents house and made my way to the church where Liam was rushing around organising things still. I managed to get him to stand still long enough for a few photo of him and his best man together before the wedding, before leaving him to relax a little on his own whilst I took candid photos of his guests arriving.

I took photos of Lora and the bridal party arriving outside the church in the wedding cars, before heading back inside the church. 

I made sure I was ideally placed in order that I could see Liam's facial expressions in the seconds before his future wife made her entrance to the church, at the same time ensuring that I could see past him so I could see the bridesmaids coming down the aisle. 

I think Liam's face in this photo doesn't require any explanation. There's a subtle mix of excited apprehension and nervousness - strangely, similar expressions can be seen on his best man and usher!

Location: Worcester, Worcestershire.

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