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Wedding Photographers in Birmingham

The best man helps the groom put his cuff links on before his Birmingham wedding.

Malcolm and Jacqui got married at Kings Norton Church near Birmingham, with Jacqui getting ready at a hotel local to the venue and Malcolm getting ready at home. 

During my final pre-wedding meeting with the couple, we worked out a time schedule that allowed me to photograph both Jacqui getting ready at the hotel, and Malcolm getting ready with his groomsman. 

Having spent the morning with Jacqui, I took a short drive to the couple's home where Malcolm was starting to get ready for his big day. His best man soon joined us, and I allowed the pair to get ready with very little direction. The room we were in had a lovely bay window with pure white blinds drawn across them, and this provided the perfect light for these photos, the effect was like a giant softbox. 

I always enjoy the struggle endured my a groom on his wedding day morning, trying to get cuff links through his shirt! Nerves and a shaky hand usually prolong the agony, which is great for wedding photographers as it gives you a lot more time to get the photos that you need! 

You can see in this image that the best man has come in to lend a hand, and I made sure to include him in the frame as it really helps tell the story of the day better. 

Birmingham Wedding Photography

The wedding at Kings Norton church was beautiful, but half way through the service the heavens opened, and we had torrential rain for the majority of the day. This was no bad thing though, as the happy couple decided to have some photos taken outside regardless, and the results are stunning to say the least!

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