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The bride and groom kiss in the grounds of Bordesley Park in Worcestershire.

Bordesley Park in Worcestershire is a truly stunning wedding venue, offering so much for wedding guests and wedding photographers alike! 

The grounds of the venue are superb, with a gorgeous lawned area for your group photos and acres of space for some beautiful wedding photos. 

One of my favourite places at the venue for photography is the stunning red brick wall you see in the image above.

I really like the colours in this image, and how the brick red of the wall contrasts so well with the deep blue of the groom's wedding suit. The light for this image was perfect, being bright but overcast. This is the dream for wedding photographers as it produces the softest and most flattering light for this type of photograph. 

Framing the couple in the image like I have serves to show intimacy between the couple, but also plants them firmly in the photo, showing off the wedding venue at the same time. I shot this with a long lens and a wide aperture in order to make the closest part of the wall out of focus, which leads the eye into the image. 

Location: Bordesley Park, Worcestershire.

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