Wedding photography at Stanbrook Abbey
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue

Rebecca and Ryan got married in late June at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. 

I had spent most of the morning with Rebecca and her bridesmaids, who were getting ready at the bride's mother's house. 

I left Rebecca's parent's house only a few minutes before the wedding car, but I was quietly confident that the journey to Stanbrook Abbey would take me about an hour, and the *slightly* older wedding car a little longer. For this reason I was able to photograph both the bride and bridal party leaving their house, as well as arriving at the wedding venue - something which you don't often get to do!

Walsall Wedding Photographer

When I arrived at Stanbrook Abbey, I quickly found Ryan and his best man, and took a few photos of the two trying to relax before they had to make their way to their meeting with the registrars. They were both nervous, but that doesn't matter - I like taking photos that show an authentic story of a wedding day, and if they were nervous before the wedding and look slightly nervous in the photos, then that's ok with me!

I was waiting at the rear entrance to Stanbrook Abbey, as I knew that's where the bride would be arriving with her bridesmaids in a pair of wedding cars. When she arrived, I avoided the temptation to run closer to get a photo, instead choosing to hang back to make sure my presence had less influence over the bride. I'm still not sure how Rebecca got her entire dress in the wedding car - as you can see in the main image, the dress looks almost as wide as the car is!

When Rebecca was out the car, one of her bridesmaids came in to fan the base of the wedding dress out, making sure the bride looked perfect before making her way into the Abbey. At the same time, the light picked out the bride perfectly, and compared to the building which is in shadow, she positively glows compared to everything else in the image. I love this moment, especially in black and white - both of the images in this article feature in Rebecca and Ryan's wedding album.

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Album (8)

To see a full online version of Rebecca and Ryan's wedding album click here.

Location: Stanbrook Abbey, Worcestershire .

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