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Lora and Liam got married at their local church and had a very different wedding reception to the norm. Instead of hiring a ready-made wedding reception venue as so many do, the couple hired the Wyre Forest Visitor Centre and decorated it themselves. 

The venue was stunning, if unconventional. The centre looked out into unspoilt woodland, and as it was elevated, you really felt like you were deep within the forest. 

As it was after all, a forest, there weren't the vast open areas to take group photos in like you'd expect to find at a normal wedding venue. Because of this, I made sure we took all of the formal group photos at the church, as well as a couple of images of the bride and groom too. 

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The church itself was in a fantastic elevated position that overlooked the countryside and made for a wonderful location for some photos of the bride as you can see here. 

Once at the Wyre Forest Visitor Centre, I took the bride and groom for a walk through the forest. The light was stunning, and bright beams of summer sun were bursting through the trees. 

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For the main photo at the top of the page, we of course had to first wait for it to go dark. Whilst everyone was eating, I had taken a walk through the woods and found this metal sculpture of a deer stag. After the couple took their first dance, I went out and set up two remote controlled flashed, one lighting the trees and the other lighting the couple. I really like this photo, and it especially reminds me of a Harry Potter scene, with the stag sculpture looking like a patronus! 

Location: Wyre Forest, Kidderminster.

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