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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Weddings

David and Laura got married at Fladbury Church and had their wedding reception at the Wood Norton Hotel in Worcestershire.

Months before the wedding, David and Laura had opted to have an engagement photoshoot, which they chose to do at the venue in order to work out what locations would work best for their wedding photos.

The engagement shoot was a great idea, as Laura said she didn't mind standing in front of the camera, but she always found smiling for the photos difficult. After an hour of taking photos around the venue, both the future bride and groom had no trouble when it came to being photographed, as you can see by the wonderful smiles on them both in the main photo.

The weather on the day of the wedding, as well as the engagement shoot was just perfect for photography. For the wedding, it was bright and overcast which is actually ideal - You'll always hear brides and grooms wishing for a bright and sunny day for their wedding, but for photography, that's not always the best option (in fact bright and overcast is what we always hope for.) Depending on where the venue is location and in which direction the grounds face, bright, direct sunlight can be a real problem. Direct sunlight, if at the wrong angle can cause long shadows across people's faces, and will make you squint if you end up looking into the sun. A bigger issue for photographers is that bright sunlight makes the wedding dress incredibly bright, and even modern cameras can't handle the increased contrast between a wedding dress and a dark groom's suit when both are in sunlight. 

One way of getting around harsh sunlight is to stand the bride and groom in open shade, which is incredibly flattering as well as being a welcome relief from the heat of the sun on a summer's day.

For the main photo, I used a long lens and a wide aperture in order to render the background out of focus.- not so blurred that you can't see where it is or what's going on, but just enough to ensure that your focus as a viewer is absolutely on the bride and groom.

I stood the couple in an area of open shade that was provided by the trees visible in the background of the engagement photo above. As you can see, the delicacy and softness of light that's reaching the couple in the shade is just perfect for portraits.

I am one of only three recommended suppliers as a wedding photographer at the Wood Norton Hotel.

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Location: Wood Norton Hotel, Worcestershire.