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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Winter Weddings

Nicola and Andrew's winter wedding at the Wood Norton Hotel

Andrew and Nicola got married and held their wedding reception at the Wood Norton in late December. The Wood Norton is really beautiful on the inside, and there's space to take group photos of a decent size indoors should the worst happen and you have rain or snow on your wedding day. However the hardest part remains taking couple's photos - that is, the photos of just the bride and groom with a more romantic feel to them, inside.

On Andrew and Nicola's wedding day it rained for the majority of the wedding reception time, meaning the drinks reception and the group photos were taken inside. This wasn't a bad thing, as I mentioned, the Wood Norton on the inside is big and pretty too. I always have lights in the car with me so the fact it's darker in winter doesn't present an issue either.

However, I knew that I wanted to at least get outside for some photos. It was quite windy too, so even if it did stop in time for us to take some group photos out there, it wouldn't be right to ask the guests to stand outside getting freezing cold when I took the formals.

Luckily, there was a slight break in the rain and we had a narrow opportunity to head out side and take some photos of the bride and groom on their own. Nicola, being the forward thinking type, had purchased a fur shawl in order to keep her warm, and Andrew was wearing a three-piece suit too so I knew he should be fairly warm. If both of those failed, the shot of tequila they took before heading out might have worked wonders! The location for these images is pretty much exactly the same as on the previous page, but as this is a sample album for the venue, it's important to show prospective clients that the venue looks great at any time of year. From my perspective, it's good to show also that I can take good photos at any time of the year.

Nicola and Andrews photos weren't rushed as such, but they had to be taken very quickly. I didn't know how long the weather would hold for us, and I knew the longer we were outside, the colder everyone would get. They might be wrapped up and holding onto each other, but it's no good if my fingers get too cold to take any photos because I can't push the shutter button!

One thing I feel it's worth mentioning is the colour of the groom's suit. When I saw him in the morning wearing a red-burgundy suit, I thought to myself 'he's brave' - I certainly couldn't pull the colour off myself! But when we were outside, surrounded by the deep greens of the Wood Norton's gardens, now devoid of any other colour (as autumn had been and gone) the addition of colour in the groom's suit was welcome.

Location: The Wood Norton.

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