Wood Norton Weddings sample album 10
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Weddings sample wedding album

Outdoor wedding reception space at the Wood Norton

I've said it many times before - the Wood Norton is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, and vice versa. The huge lawn at the front of the building is a fantastic space for any recreational activity that you might wish to enjoy at your wedding. I've seen it all there over the last few years, and hopefully this double page spread goes some way to showing that.

The upper left image shows a man, literally airborne whilst playing a game of football. It's often hard to capture people playing sports at wedding days because without context the images are almost meaningless. I remember I had been watching this game of football going on for a little while during Amy and Richard's wedding, with nothing really of any worth to add to a wedding album. Without warning, this one guest attempted a bicycle-kick when the ball came near. He failed, but it's still a cracking wedding photo all the same.

The middle-left image here shows one of my favourite outdoor games to photograph at a wedding, and that's giant Jenga. The number of times I have seen wedding guests attempting to win at this game whilst slightly drunk, I've simply lost count. It's still a fantastic thing to have at your wedding, and it's as good to watch as a spectator as it is to actually play yourself.

One of the biggest draws to all wedding guests at the Wood Norton, young and old(er) alike, is the rope swing that's under the large tree on the lawn. It's a lovely romantic spot for some photos of the bride and groom, but also a great place for photos of families and children enjoying themselves, or just resting in the shade of the tree.

One of the slightly more odd images from this double page spread is the people with shotguns - don't worry, I'm not going to make a shotgun-wedding joke, and the shotguns aren't real either. They are instead laser-shotguns. Instead of shooting well, shot, they shoot a layer at a plastic clay pigeon with a reflective strip on it. If you score a hit, the scoreboard lights up. I've played laser-clays twice now at weddings, the first time I scored 34/35 and the second time I scored 35/35... twice! Still, the entertainment is there more for the guests than myself!

Location: The Wood Norton.

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