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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Weddings Confetti Photos

Wood Norton Evesham weddings sample album

This double page spread shows a collection of images of newlywed bride and grooms having confetti thrown over them. This is such an iconic part of the day - the bit that usually kicks off the rest of the celebrations that last long into the evening and sometimes the following morning!

The image of the left was taken at Nicola and Andrews wedding in late December. If you've followed these captions through thus far, you'll know that during their Wood Norton wedding, it had rained for most of the day. We did however get lucky for a little time towards the end of the drinks reception where it had stopped raining for just long enough to get all of the wedding guests outside for a group photo, immediately followed by a confetti photo which, as you can see from the groom's reaction, they absolutely loved! At some weddings you'll find that a lot of the wedding guests unfortunately don't bring their own confetti, which is a great shame when the bride and grooms don't provide it either. That wasn't the case for this wedding however, and the bride and groom had provided buckets of the stuff! So much so that at times it was hard to see the couple through the cloud of confetti. I imagine most of it ended up inside the groom's mouth!

By contrast to the December wedding for the first image, the remaining three images on the page were all taken at summer weddings. At the top in the middle is a confetti photo at the Wood Norton taken in the middle of July on what has to be one of the hottest days of the decade. In these crazy temperatures I really didn't want the bride and groom, or myself for that matter, walking too far or too fast!

The image at the centre of the page at the bottom is from Richard and Nikki's wedding which was the year after the previous image. The temperature was much more 'workable' and the lighting better too, due to it being overcast - this is the reason that the two photos, taken in exactly the same location, are taken at one hundred and eighty degrees to each other. I always shoot with the sun to people's backs, if the sun is out. The last thing you want on your wedding day, or on any other day for that matter, is to be forced to stare into the bright midday sun. It gives you a headache, makes you sweaty and squint and none of these are things you want for when you're being photographed!

The image on the right hand side of the page is from Richard and Amy's big day at the Wood Norton. You can see that this is a much sunnier day than some of the other images and because of the bright, direct sunlight, I've made the couple walk back towards to hotel to avoid the problems mentioned above.

Location: The Wood Norton.

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