Wood Norton Winter Weddings 18
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Wood Norton Wedding Photography

Specialist night-time wedding photography by Lee Webb, a venue recommended supplier

If any of you are actually reading what I'm writing here or have looked at my website long and hard enough to find this discreetly hidden wedding album, showcasing the Wood Norton and my favourite images from there for the last couple of years, there is no doubt you've already seen this image, or the original, now-famous image off which this is based. If, by some miracle, you're not already familiar with it, I'll go over what you're looking at here.

The image on the left - the main image for this page, was taken in the style of an image that was almost taken by accident in 2018. The set up is simple, and it's location is the exact same that I used for a similar photo, only in daylight, about 5 hours previous. The difference is that this photo, being taken at night, needed the help of some off-camera lighting by means of a flash placed behind the bride and groom.

The image on the right is not one that I have taken many times at the Wood Norton, but it's certainly a location and a resulting image that I very much like. Images like both of these on this page are ultimately silhouette images, which require the bride and groom to stand in such a way that I can tell a story using only their outlines. For the image on the right, the bride and groom are standing inside the pergola, in which they would have been married had they opted for an outdoor wedding (I am glad they didn't as it was December and raining.) In order to take this photo I have placed a remotely controlled flash behind them on a small light stand, and fired it up towards the roof of the structure. The light bounces and comes down in every direction, perfectly lighting the couple and the interior of the structure at the same time.

Location: The Wood Norton.

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