Worcester Glamping Weddings Photography
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester Glamping is a luxury/glamorous camping or 'Glamping' site on the edge of the Worcester City limits, situated just behind Bennett's Farm. The wider farm site has been used to milk cows since 1918 and Bennetts Farm still rears a herd of 280 Holstein Friesians, as well as being widely known for it's famous Bennetts Dairy Ice Cream!

Worcester Gamping features it's own pond with bridge-access to the wedding reception site, a lovers-swing, marquee and owing to it's position just above the flood plains of the river Teme, has all the grounds for wedding photography that you could possibly ask for!

The glamping site has 5 purpose-built yurts, which give the site it's name (without the yurts there would be nowhere to stay!) and an onsite facilities block with showers for men and women, as well as flushing toilets and hot water.

Worcester Glamping Wedding Photography

Fi and Tim booked their summer wedding at Claines Church, with their reception being held at Worcester Glamping. Fi and her bridesmaids stayed in the on site yurts the night before the wedding and all got ready in the communal facilities hut which is towards the centre of the site.

After the church wedding, the wedding party returned to the reception venue for a drinks reception. The sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, which made photography a little tricky, not to mention the oppressive 30 degree heat!

I took some amazing photos of the couple before they sat for their wedding breakfast, with the aim to take more photos of the couple later in the day when the light was much more flattering.

At around 9pm, when it was a lot cooler and the sun was moving towards setting, I noticed that there was this beautiful golden light being cast in the next field, and asked the bride and groom if they would mind venturing out with me for a few photos. By this time a herd of cows had moved into the field but luckily there were still avenues through which I could shoot without getting them in the back of the photos! I purposely shot this image with the yurts in the background. After all, this is the site where the couple chose to have their wedding reception, and without something to help set the scene or 'plant' the image, this wedding photo could have been taken anywhere.

As I stood the bride and groom where the light was best, they naturally turned to each other and smiled. I took a few frames showing this natural emotion and the photos are just stunning. I love how the golden light has seemingly wrapped around them, enveloping them with a golden-orange glow. The pollen and midges in the air have also been picked out by the sunlight against the dark background, and really give this image a fairy tale feeling.

Worcester Glamping Wedding Reception Photography

I took the same opportunity to take some individual photos of Fi in her incredible wedding dress. Fi's wedding dress was supplied by Gatehouse Brides in Worcester and featured a simple front with a delicate netted back, with diamanté beaded detailing and full length button closure.

Location: Worcester Glamping .

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