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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

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This photo of Justine putting her wedding shoes on I think demonstrates my preferred method of wedding photography well - Capturing real moments as they happen, which is known as documentary or lifestyle wedding photography. 

Justine was due to marry Stephen in St Peters church in Bromyard around an hour after this photo was taken. Like a lot of my clients, Justine decided to get dressed in the living room of her parents house where she chose to get ready. Living rooms make great places to get ready for a number of reason - namely that they're usually quite large, well lit rooms. 

There was a high rail in the room, close to the ceiling that was the perfect height to hang her wedding dress from. I had already taken a few photos of the dress hanging here before Justine needed the room to get her shoes on. I hung back, out of the way and grabbed a few frames of her getting ready like this. I really like how this image is framed, it really feels like you're a fly-on-the-wall, watching from a distance and not disturbing the scene - exactly how good lifestyle wedding photography should be. 

Location: Worcester.

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