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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcester Reportage Wedding Photographer

Reportage wedding photography is a style of documentary that tells a story entirely through pictures. 

The old proverb that 'a picture paints a thousand words' is absolutely true when it comes to reportage wedding photography. 

'Reportage' is a word that's frequently misused. A lot of photographers will label themselves as reportage wedding photographers, but to some this merely means making an image black and white where the subject isn't looking at the camera, but there is so much more to it than that. 

The true nature of reportage wedding photography is having the ability to accurately present a story of the spirit of the day. In order to work towards this aim, for the vast majority of the wedding day, I act and behave like a guest. I even dress like a wedding guest to help me fit in with the crowd. Being noticed or being seen to be pointing a camera at someone often evokes a reaction from your would be subject. Just being there changes what happens, and as such, lessens the authenticity of the story you're trying to tell. 

The story behind the picture above is, to the outside perspective, whatever story you see in the image or want to believe. The photo shows the father of the bride on the morning of his daughters wedding. His posture and the look on his face show a certain amount of apprehension. Is he worrying about making a speech? Giving his daughter away? Or just hoping that everything on the day runs smoothly?

Location: Worcester.

Keywords: Documentary wedding photography (129). 1/3200; f/1.4; ISO 100; 35.0 mm.