Worcestershire Candid Wedding Photographers
Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Worcestershire Candid Wedding Photographer

Rachel and Dan were superstars when it came to their wedding photography. Unfortunately for their wedding weekend it was cold and the rain at times was torrential. This didn't stop the happy couple from going outside for some photos though! They even manage to crack a smile despite the freezing temperatures!

Worcestershire Documentary Wedding Photographer 

One of my favourite images to come from Rachel and Dan's wedding was the one you can see at the top of this article. 

Rachel and Dan both lived in Worcestershire, but chose against tradition to get married in Cornwall. For their wedding weekend, they had hired a cluster of converted farm barns at a place called Trevenna. 

The main space inside the venue was used for both the wedding ceremony as well as the wedding breakfast and evening reception. To one end of the barn was a large glazed area, and down the length of this entire glass wall were these beautiful romantic fairy lights. 

I caught the couple in this wonderful moment, and chose so shoot through as many of the fairly lights that I could - this meant leaning on the glass with my left shoulder, and carefully picking an avenue in which to photograph. 

I chose to shoot this image with my 85mm lens at f/1.4, as the extremely wide aperture really blows things out of focus, as well as letting a massive amount of light into the camera. This was perfect for the low light setting, but also made the out of focus lights appear as big as possible. 

Location: Trevenna, Cornwall.

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