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Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

Whitbourne Hall Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Beth & Matthew's amazing Worcestershire Wedding

Whitbourne Hall, on the edge of the Worcestershire/Herefordshire border is two things:

1) Very, very grand

2) Very, very exclusive

The house itself is Grade II listed and has 9 acres of gardens, and is only a 15 minute drive from Worcestershire.

'Hold on a second - I live in Worcestershire and I've never heard of it' - Don't worry, that was my reaction too.

The house was bought by a lovely couple in 1977 as their private home. Since then, the house has been beautifully restored and now contains 23 apartments, although you'd never know they were there (I've spent two days there now and still can't work out where they are!)

The reason you've likely never heard of Whitbourne Hall is that it's super exclusive, only opening it's doors for 10 weddings a year. Because of this, the venue isn't signposted from the road, and until last week (April 2019) it didn't even have a website.

As I do with any venue that I've not worked at before, I was keen to go and have a look around, so I wasted no time on the wedding day itself. As soon as I walked into the entrance hall, with it's marble staircase, I was speechless for the first time in 30 years. I knew instantly that this hidden gem of a Worcestershire wedding venue had so much potential and was looking forward to my first wedding there in the run-up. (The bride and groom only just received their photos so I'm going to hold off on plastering them all over the internet for now) but check back here soon to see more from this amazing venue or visit www.whitbournehall.com

Location: Whitbourne Hall, Worcestershire.

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