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Heather & Craig's Stanbrook Abbey Wedding

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography

Heather and Craig

Stanbrook Abbey, as the name suggests, was a monastery that can trace it's origins back to the 16th Century. The nuns have long gone, but the stunning architecture and breathtaking vistas still remain. Stanbrook Abbey is a fantastic place to get married, especially as the abbey-turned-hotel now boasts 55 beautifully appointed bedrooms; more than enough room to house the guests from even the biggest wedding.

One of the highlights of the venue is the Callow Great Hall, which is registered for civil ceremonies for up to 190 guests. Referred to as one of Worcestershire's 'best kept secrets' the Abbey, and the 26th acres of grounds and gardens it's set in, has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Heather and Craig spent their entire day at Stanbrook Abbey, with Heather getting ready in the Bride's Manor, and Craig getting ready in the Groom's Parlour. I had my associate photographer, Aaron, on hand to capture the groom and his ushers getting ready whilst I covered the bride and the bridesmaids.

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I absolutely love the following photos of Heather reacting to seeing her wedding flowers being delivered. So many of my wedding clients, after their weddings, speak of how the wedding day all of a sudden began to feel real with the delivery of their bouquet.

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Bride's Manor is an elegant Manor House that's located at the far end of Stanbrook Abbey, at the furthest point away from reception. It features it's own private drive with ample parking, 4 double bedrooms, a kitchen, massive living room and much more. It's really the ideal place for a bride to get ready on the morning of her wedding, with space enough to absorb the whole bridal party in splendid surroundings.

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This is the Callow Great Hall, and it's the part of Stanbrook Abbey that's licensed for wedding ceremonies. It's a beautiful space in which to say your vows, and the inward facing seating means all of your guests are treated to a great view! At the far end of the hall, through the red curtain you might just be able to see slightly to the right-of-centre is the entrance to the tower which can be seen for miles around (I can actually see the Callow Great Hall and the flag-tower from my house!)

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This is always a favourite image from inside the Manor House, taken as the bride makes her way down the main staircase, ready for her interview with the registrars. The way the bridesmaids are all waiting to catch a glimpse of the bride really makes for a stunning wedding photo.

Stanbrook Abbey Worcestershire Wedding Photography

Two of my all time favourite wedding photos are below - It's for moments and images like these that I choose to shoot in the way that I do; being in the right place at the right time. It's something you get from experience from shooting hundreds of weddings, and it produces timeless images that are packed with real emotion, and you can't get that any other way. These photos show the father of the bride seeing his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress.

First Look Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcestershireStanbrook Abbey Documentary Wedding Photography Groom Stanbrook Abbey Weddings WorcestershireWedding Ceremony Callow Great Hall Stanbrook Abbey Groom Callow Great Hall Wedding Stanbrook Abbey

One of the best reasons for having two wedding photographers is below - I was at the top end of the hall shooting back towards the people entering, and I made sure Aaron was positioned to capture Craig's reaction. My associate really earned his money that day with these photos!

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Immediately after the ceremony had finished the wedding guests were ushered outside in preparation for the confetti throwing photo. Whilst this is happening, the bride and groom are taken to a side room where they can have 5 minutes peace and quiet after the stress and emotion leading up to the service. When it was time for the confetti photo, the bride and groom made their way down the long corridor towards the Piano Bar and the old front entrance to the Abbey. As they did so, I grabbed this stunning black and white image.

Stanbrook Abbey Best Wedding Photographer WorcesterThrowing Confetti Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcesterConfetti Photos Stanbrook Abbey Worcestershire

Immediately after the confetti had been thrown the guests started congratulating the newlyweds. This is always a favourite time as you're able to capture such a wide range of emotions in a short timespan.

Bridesmaid Bride Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcesterMother of Bride Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcesterHugging bride Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcesterBride Hugging Guest Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue Canapes Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue Worcestershire

The gardens at the back of Stanbrook Abbey (which used to be the front entrance until George's Bar was completed a few years back) was used for the formal family photos. Canapes were served to the wedding guests at the same time.

Family Photo Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcesterCandid Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photographers

As the wedding party was relatively small, the easiest place to take the 'big group photo' was in the same location as the other images - the old front entrance as I call it for lack of a better term! I was stood on a terraced piece of lawn in order to get this image. The Abbey provided shade for the guests to stand in, meaning they weren't looking directly into the sun.

Group Photo Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue Worcester

Once the formal part of the day was over, when it came to the photos at least, Aaron and I took Heather and Craig for a walk around the venue in order to get some beautiful photos of the two of them on their own. We started on the opposite side of the Abbey in what's now known as the 'Smoking Shed.'

Fun Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography WorcestershireFun Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photographs Worcestershire

Autumn was in full swing, and the yellow-orange trees made a stunning contrast to those who had kept their leaves green. I really like how the gold/green trees in the background echo the bride/groom in the fore.

Autumn Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue Worcestershire

The rope swing and weeping willow are a hidden gem at Stanbrook Abbey, set off to one side next to a small pond, it's easy to miss if you don't know it's there as it's tucked away behind a couple of outbuildings.

Swing Tree Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcesterSwing Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue Worcestershire

The willow itself provided some much needed shade when the sun came out. In order to really make these images 'pop' I used a portable studio light to give the image some fill-light.

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As the bride and groom were starting to make their way back towards the Abbey in time for the wedding breakfast and speeches, I grabbed a few frames of the couple in the most amazing golden light.

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The bride and groom had prepared confetti-filled balloons and said that they'd really like a photo with them included. The only problem being that in order to see the confetti and get the full effect, the balloons needed to be popped. The maid of honour and best man volunteered and were positioned in such a way that would create the very best photos. I counted down from three, two very loud bangs were heard and the confetti was freed!

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I absolutely adore these two images, again of Heather and her father. You can really tell how close the pair are when you see them like this.

Documentary Wedding Photography Stanbrook AbbeyStanbrook Abbey Candid Wedding Photography Stanbrook Abbey Father of Bride SpeechBest Man Speech Stanbrook Abbey Wedding VenueBest Documentary Wedding Photos Stanbrook AbbeyBridesmaid Laughing Wedding Reception Stanbrook AbbeyWedding Reception Stanbrook Abbey Worcestershire Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography Bride Laughing

After the wedding breakfast and speeches were complete, I took the bride and groom off around the interior of Stanbrook Abbey for some more intimate couples photos. For me, Stanbrook really comes alive at night and I really enjoy shooting after dark. The first stop on our photographic tour was the cloisters, which you don't often see from the angle below.

Cloisters Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Venue WorcestershireStanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography CloistersStanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography Worcester Cloisters

The bride decided that she wanted to throw her bouquet in time-honoured tradition. but there wasn't space to do it inside and it was dark outside. The solution came when I suggested we could use the venue's exterior lighting to make sure the guests could see where the flowers were in the air, and I could use my flashes in order to capture the action.

Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography Throwing BouquetStanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography Throwing FlowersBest Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photography Best Stanbrook Abbey Wedding PhotographerRecommended Stanbrook Abbey Wedding Photographers

I really love these old lamps that are dotted around the outside of Stanbrook Abbey. The premise for the photo was simple - Stand under the light together and pretend I'm not there! What was captured was this lovely intimate image between the couple.

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Another great location for after-dark photos at Stanbrook Abbey is the outer wall of the new reception and dining hall where wedding receptions are held. The colour of the uplighting can be changed, and when I arrived it was set to lime green. I asked that the colour be changed to something that looked less like the Incredible Hulk, and eventually we settled on this fuschia-pink which was much more pleasing.

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