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This is an image that the bride and groom requested of me. Image requests can be a tricky proposal, as sometimes a client will ask you for something that totally isn't your style. Whenever someone says to me "We've been on Google and found some photos we like" it does fill me with dread!

I got lucky with Heather and Andrew's request though, they showed me a picture that, whilst not my usual style, wasn't corny or cheesy and it was easy to pull off.

They simply wanted a photo of the two of them kissing, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen all celebrating at the same time. 

I got the bride and groom in position, then individually placed the bridesmaids and groomsmen exactly where I needed them so I could see each of them in the photo. 

I counted down from three and was hoping for a spontaneous reaction and a really big celebration, only the first effort was a bit of a damp squid! A few rousing words later, and we went for a second attempt. I counted down from three again, but this time, everyone really committed to their role! And if you don't believe me, find the best man in this photo and take a look at how dedicated he is! (He's the one in the front of the below image)

Wedding Photography Evesham  

Location: Evesham, Worcestershire.

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