Wedding Photography by Lee Webb

What are weddings during a global covid pandemic actually like?

Planning a Covid wedding yourself or just intrigued? Read on...

Disclaimer: The images shown in this article have been taken at various times throughout the year, when a whole range of restrictions have or haven't been in place.

I'm writing this a few days post-Christmas 2020, looking back on a year when I had 55 full-day weddings booked, and wondering how the world got to such a state that I was only able to photograph 3 of them. I say three full-day weddings, but I've been incredibly lucky to have photographed 15 ceremonies this year. Of the remaining 12 which weren't a full day affair, 3 of those were relatively long days, and 9 being a couple of hours at most.

What are weddings during a time of a global pandemic actually like? If you're reading this, whilst you're planning your own wedding perhaps, you might well be wondering if a wedding with so many restrictions in place is actually worthwhile. I can honestly say, that the weddings I've done this year (albeit far, far fewer than usual) have been bloody excellent.

A 'Covid wedding' looks a whole lot like a 'normal' wedding. Aside from having as many guests as you like, there aren't that many restrictions that make you think you're at anything but a small wedding in non-coronavirus times.

Aside from the number of people that can be in attendance, the other elephant in the room is that some people, at certain times will have to wear masks. Of course you can completely lean into the aesthetic if you'd like!